How to Streamline the Plan: Buying, Enrollment, and Onboarding Experience 

Learn strategies and best practices for transforming your digital experience.

As payers expand their investment in digital transformation, there are a number of measurable business benefits to improving the enrollment and onboarding process. This is not just to meaningfully impact the healthcare member experience and the employee experience but to also improve the overall operational efficiency that many people expect.

But buyer beware: Not all digital transformation initiatives are created equally; some are grand slams while others miss the mark.

Join healthcare industry experts as they explore how modern health plans are digitally transforming the enrollment and onboarding processes for members and payers. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about the current state of digital transformation in the healthcare industry and discover valuable insights such as:

  • Why enterprise integration is key to improving the buying, enrollment, and onboarding experience
  • How to embrace integration while navigating the differences and nuances across the buy, enroll, and onboard process
  • The key areas in the healthcare payer ecosystem that are ripe for innovation right now.


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Dr Jose Quesada

Dr. Jose Quesada, MD, MBA
VP, Global Healthcare

John Zimmerer
VP, Vertical Marketing, Healthcare
Smart Communications