Are Customer Communications Getting SMARTer?

Key to delivering the best possible customer experience is delivering the most personalized and relevant communications possible. While most enterprises have the best of intentions, some may still be falling short on customer expectations. In this webinar, Hitesh Bhindi, Vice President of Professional Services for Smart Communications and Ramesh Mugalam and John Sharman from Stillwater Insurance Group will discuss the results of a recent survey the company conducted to get a better understanding of what consumers want and to also uncover discrepancies between these desires and what businesses are currently delivering. He will also share actionable advice on how enterprises can close these gaps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Specifically, the presenters will offer tips covering the following areas:

  • Avoiding costly errors
  • Demonstrating value by being more helpful
  • Tailoring experiences for the individual
  • Avoiding complacency

Sept. 19, 2019
11 a.m. ET


Hitesh Bhindi
Vice President of Professional Services at Smart Communications

Hitesh Bhindi is Vice President of Professional Services for Smart Communications. He leads a team focused on helping organizations migrate to SaaS solutions and improve their customer communications. Prior to joining Smart Communications he served in a similar roles at Ricoh and IBM.

Ramesh Mugalam
Chief Strategy Officer at Stillwater Insurance Group

Ramesh Mugalam is Chief Strategy Office for Stillwater Insurance Group. Ramesh joined Stillwater in February 2017 to lead and implement companywide modernization programs. He holds an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT and a Masters from the Indian Institute of Technology.

John Sharman
Program Manager at Stillwater Insurance Group

John Sharman is a Program Manager at Stillwater Insurance Group. He is responsible for the company’s customer communications management efforts.