Undivided Attention

With Smart Communications, you get a company who’s 100% focused on CCM.

We’re committed to leading the Customer Communications Management (CCM) space. So we don’t get distracted by trying to do everything, be everything, and chase every new idea.

Backed by Accel-KKR, one of the world’s premier tech-focused private equity firms, Smart Communications has the financial strength to continue investing in the very latest CCM innovations and technologies.

Because CCM is all we do, we’re able to deliver two full product releases every year.

As a private company, we’re free to focus all of our time and energy on building the best possible solution for our customers, instead of just trying to please Wall Street.

With all our resources focused on CCM, you never have to worry about some other part of the business being more important to us.

You can count on your Smart Communications solution to be here tomorrow, and to continue improving and innovating day after day, year after year – because we’re spending all our time, energy, and investment on CCM.
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