SmartIQ Demo Series:

Why and How to Digitally Transform Small Group Benefit Enrollment

Brokers, benefit administrators, and health plans want enrollment to go quickly and smoothly. Often, though, siloed systems and manual processes result in bad data and lost time, creating stress and a poor experience for prospective plan members.

Join Smart Communications for a demonstration of how to digitize and streamline the entire process, from plan selection to employee enrollment so you can have SMARTer digital conversations during enrollment and onboarding.

In this on-demand demo, we share how health insurers are removing friction for clients across the enrollment journey. Learn how to have SMARTER conversations that improve the experience of brokers, benefit admins and employees:

  • Digitally transform the way you collect Information from employers and enrollees, reducing time and errors
  • Deliver highly personalized, relevant and contextual communications in real time or in batch, giving enrollees information they need exactly when they need it
  • Enable two-way collaboration with automated workflows to eliminate complexity
  • Coordinate interactions in the right context using digital channels like email, SMS and others
  • Integrate with core systems of record to improve efficiency for internal and external stakeholders
  • Gain insights and see where you can optimize the customer journey even further with built-in intelligence


  • John Zimmerer, VP Industry Marketing, Smart Communications
  • Sally Schulte, Product Marketing Director, Smart Communications
  • Sue Soukop, Senior Solutions Engineer, Smart Communications