SmartDX New Software Release Overview

The new March SC16 release introduces a range of enhancements that will further improve the user experience for the 300+ brands already using Smart Communications and SmartDX.

The release will see enhancements to the enterprise-class capabilities of SmartDX such as:

Enhanced APIs for SmartDX Integration

Enhancements to the API enable our Customers to deploy SmartDX with ease across additional parts of the business and assist partners to quickly provide a scalable, enterprise correspondence capability that’s fully integrated into their core platform offering.

With the continuous execution timeliness demands imposed by industry regulators, these enhancements provide greater programmatic control of the document collaboration module, allowing external control of document workflows to be devolved to trade workflow systems.

Group Aliases

Enabling more efficient addressing for market participants of SmartDX.

Primary Contacts

SmartDX now provides the ability to assign primary contacts to each Docbox. Primary contacts are designated as the facing party for all document negotiation activity and can be re-assigned by authorized Docbox members.

New Draft and Signature Permissions

Signature authoring and access controls in SmartDX templates has now been streamlined.

Send draft agreement as MSWord

Users of SmartDX can now send draft agreements as attachments in MSWord format via the ‘send e-mail’ feature.

Agreement Workflow UI

Clearer, defined actions have been introduced to the SmartDX agreement workflow experience.

To see the updated product release in more detail, please go to our customer community site, here.