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Smart Components

What does it mean when we say we can help you scale the conversation? It means making it simpler to deliver highly personal and impactful customer conversations that make each of your customers feel valued as an individual. Key to making it easier was the launch of Smart Components , which was the centerpiece of the SC17 release. The capabilities were designed to improve the experience within HTML templates, both for designers and business users and recipients of the communications. They enable drag-and-drop capabilities to deliver image carousels, video and audio controls, social media toolbar, accordion widgets, lightboxes, and sidebar menu functions – all readily embedded in a real-time customer communication. Smart Communications delivers this enhanced suite of solutions to make it simpler for enterprises to deliver highly personal and impactful customer conversations.

Specifically, Smart Components make it easier for our customers to achieve the following:

  • Embed rich and engaging content into mobile apps and full HTML websites
  • Deliver a more highly personalized experience via components that can be driven by data items and wrapped in logic
  • Enhance interactive, content-centric communications such as on-boarding communications, notifications and terms of business

While these Smart Components features are already generally available, enhancing this type of functionality and providing for exciting, new real-time use cases will continue to be a focus. Imagine saying ’Alexa, when is my auto policy due for renewal’ or ’Hey Google, ask my insurance adviser what total vehicle loss means’ and instantly receiving relevant answers from your trusted providers. We recently unveiled a preview of voice assistants and chatbot integration that will make this a reality. The integrations will allow the delivery of  personalized content to popular voice assistants (such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home), and to chatbots.  Voice assistants and chatbots integration will help insurance, financial services, healthcare providers, and other industries deliver more meaningful customer conversations, and will be generally available in 2018.

This is a significant step forward in transforming customer communications into personalized conversations, made possible by our advanced, digital-first technology.  The future is bright as we set our sites on the next evolution of our capabilities and extend the boundaries of CCM into the Conversation Cloud.

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