Highlights of Smart Communications’ Latest Releases 

The Smart Communications team continues to innovate and improve our customers’ abilities to have SMARTER conversations that elevate the customer experience. This trend continues with our latest releases. You will notice continued investment themes focused on improved user experience, ease of use, deployment flexibility, and enterprise integrations. Below are some of the key highlights of the most recent major releases as well as links to critical resources so that you can continue to take your programs to the next level.

SmartCOMM SC25 Release Highlights

New Data Model Editor:  In the last release SC24, we added several enhancements to our new browser-based data model editor. These enhancements continue in SC25 with the addition of the ability to edit those data models created from an XSD schema.

Attach PDF to Draft: Interactive users using the Draft Editor now can attach PDF documents to a Draft. The attached PDFs can be merged with the primary document, or extracted as separate files to be processed in part of the final output.

Content Intelligence – German Language Support: Within Template Editor, Content Intelligence has been extended to support the German language. This improvement makes it possible to score the readability of content as well as providing sentiment analysis for content created in German. Content stored in the CMS, or migrated in via Migration Studio can also be rationalized by running a Content Similarities report.

Exclusions and Purge in Regression Studio: Within Regression Studio, users can now purge test runs and test cases from both the Regression Studio dashboard and the Regression Studio settings screens. This allows customers to be able to streamline their management of the test runs as well as to manage the storage period for test runs. Additionally, the ability to exclude specific data from test runs is being added in this release. This allows for specific changes flagged by Regression Studio to be excluded if the changed result is an expected change (for example, when a variable such as CurrentDateTime is included which will always present changes between test runs).

Project Permissions: We’ve enhanced the Group Permissions that can be set for a Project. Within the Project Dashboard, group permissions can be specified to grant permissions to view, manage, edit, delete or release projects, ensuring that the right stakeholders within your organization are empowered with the right level of permissions for their roles.

Single Sign-On – SAML IdP Initiated Login: The new release extends the breadth of our support for organizations leveraging Single Sign-On (SSO) and allows for more flexible integrations. We now offer support for Identity Provider(IdP)-initiated Single Sign-On. This allows an IdP to redirect to Smart Communications with a SAML insertion which confirms the identity of the user and facilitates automated login.

OneSpan Sign and SmartCOMM Integration: OneSpan Sign is a new plug-in available via the Marketplace. OneSpan Sign integrates with both SmartCOMM and SmartIQ to fully automate the digital experience with e-signature capabilities creating a seamless customer experience across a number of use cases like account opening, insurance claims, patient consent forms, and more.

In addition to the above, there are numerous other enhancements as part of the SC25 release, including improvements in sequential page numbering across enclosures, more sophisticated inline IF rule building logic, a new report outlining the current status of active DocBoxes for Collaborate users, as well as a number of usability enhancements across the platform. To find out more about everything included in the release, please refer to the additional release resources highlighted below.

SmartIQ15 Release Highlights

Theme Builder: Theme Builder is the first phase of our broader initiative to refresh and simplify the SIQ user interface (UI), while also providing more functionality that you need. Theme Builder is a low-code/no-code module that provides 20+ ways to customize the themes for your forms and allows you to create different themes for different projects.

Learn more about the SmartIQ IQ15 release:


Additional questions: Email Customer Support or contact your Customer Success Manager. A link to the IQ15 Product Release webinar will be posted to the Customer Community after the live session.