Highlights of Smart Communications’ Latest Releases 

The Smart Communications team continues to innovate and improve our customers’ abilities to have SMARTER conversations that elevate the customer experience. This trend continues with our latest releases. You will notice continued investment themes focused on improved user experience, ease of use, deployment flexibility, and enterprise integrations. Below are some of the key highlights of the most recent major releases as well as links to critical resources so that you can continue to take your programs to the next level.

SmartCOMM SC24 Release Highlights

Omnichannel Orchestration and Digital Delivery: We’ve enhanced SmartCOMM by adding the ability to coordinate and execute true two-way digital conversations with customers. Omni-channel orchestration allows users to efficiently design and build conversation flows with a low-code visual canvas making it possible to coordinate communications across multiple channels in a single interaction. By taking advantage of real-time analytics enterprises can also automatically shift communications to other channels based on recipient interactions.

New Data Model Editor: The editing of data models created from JSON sample data is now supported. Additionally, the update function for importing new sample data has been approved to allow users to copy existing classes and properties to the new data model.

Template Editor / Draft Editor Enhancements: : Several enhancements have been added to our Template Editor and Draft Editor modules, including:

  • Addition of Predicates: Users can specify which occurrence of a selection should be selected, reducing the need for Foreach logic
  • Suggestions in a Draft: Template designers can now define a list of suggested values for a Draft Editor to choose from, which can be driven dynamically from the transaction data or defined in a script.
  • Mandatory Data Item Option: A data item can be made mandatory item within a draft. This capability is useful when data is required but is not known by the upstream system when the draft is created.

Content Intelligence (Pure Cloud AWS deployments only): A new Content Similarity helps content and template authors understand the overlap and the degree of similarity between similar content fragments within the SmartCOMM CMS. The report helps organizations rationalize the volume of content being managed within SmartCOMM and maximize the intelligent reuse of that content throughout the SmartCOMM platform. The Content Similarity report can be run against all fragments included within a template or within Shared Content for a given folder and its sub-folders. The report results includes the fragments and a decimal metric, indicating how similar the fragment is with others.

Regression Studio: Reporting in Regression Studio has been improved to enhance usability and includes full-document comparison, selectable tree nodes, an improved comparison view, and content preview resizing. We’ve also extended support for Regression Studio to include Pure Cloud and Pure Cloud with Appliance deployment options. Regression Studio is an optional, licensable module of SmartCOMM.

Find out more about the SC24 Release:

SmartIQ14 Release Highlights

Documents in a Project: We’ve improved how designers use documents that are returned by a data connection. They can now display the image of the document within the dashboard or form, or return a link for local viewing/saving, or return a URL that can be used in a HTML link tag. Additionally, data fields marked as an “attachment” can be attached to an Action.

Screenshot of SmartIQ Document Attachment

Query-based Deletion: For longer-running processes (or multi-project experiences) users can now delete form data from selected rows of a Data Connection pointing to a Custom Data Object. This ensures that sensitive data is removed from the platform.

Updates to Default Email Templates: We continue to optimize the SmartIQ user experience. In this release, we’ve focused on the default communication templates and enhanced them to include HTML.

Guest Language Detection: Customers and guests can now view the form in their preferred language. If multiple translations of a form exists, the appropriate form will dynamically present based on the browser language.

Screenshot of SmartIQ - Guest Language Detection

Partner Extensions: We’ve extended support of Google Analytics (GA) to include Produce support for Google Tag Manager. We’ve also built an ecosystem connector to support OneSpan Sign integration. This integration allows SmartIQ customers to send and manage packages to OneSpan Sign directly within process workflows, and configure the order in which documents are signed and the type of signature required on each document.

OneSpan Logo

Learn more about the SmartIQ IQ12 release: