Protect Your Precious Time

Minutes, hours, days – all these are wasted when outdated legacy CCM systems stop your business from scaling to meet the conversations you need to have with your customers. See how three Smart Communications customers saved their precious time…and why that is beautiful…

Smart Communications solutions – SmartCOMMTM, SmartDXTM and SmartCORRTM for Salesforce – are all proven to reduce the time it takes to generate and personalize customer and business communications. In this video, you’ll hear from business leaders who are in charge of ensuring that great customer experience is driven by their customer communications. And they have been victims of legacy communication systems that steal their time, slowing time to market for critical customer communications.

Insurance company Nautilus describes how SmartCOMM has reduced the time for policy submission in the insurance industry. Simplyhealth, a leading UK health insurer, states that with SmartCOMM, communication changes that used to take days to complete now take only minutes. And innovative auto insurer SafeAuto discusses how its migration from legacy systems to SmartCOMM has saved thousands of hours via smarter management of communications processes and by sharing content more efficiently across channels and teams.

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