Smart Communications customers gathered in London in late 2016 for our premier customer event, INNOVATE EMEA 2016.  

During the event, Smart Communications customers learned that customer communications is all about communicating effectively, at the right time, via the right channel and using the right form of communication.  In today’s new age of customer communications, it’s important that a business has access to the latest technology to help them target their customers effectively.  Smart Communications provides solutions that today’s businesses require to communicate efficiently with their audience.

“It is the ‘age of the customer’”, according to George Wright of Smart Communications. “Your customer is now dictating how you as a company need to communicate with them and that communication has to be personalised in order to see the right results.”

James Read of Simplyhealth, a Smart Communications customer,  expands on this: “Our customers expect us to understand where they’ve come from, how they’ve spoken to us before and to reflect that in the communications that go back to the customer.”

Smart Communications allows companies to do exactly that.  Cloud-based customer communications mean companies can be much more agile and responsive when it comes to communicating with their customers.  They can address them within a matter of minutes if necessary rather than it taking days or weeks to organise their communications. This can be essential if a company needs to communicate something regulatory, for example, or news of a timely opportunity.

Smart Communications customers are excited about our technology and how it addresses the needs of the current communications marketplace.

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