By Dave Towers, CRO of Smart Communications

It is an interesting time in the customer communications management space. Today, customers are demanding more.  They expect more personal, more relevant and more timely interactions, and they expect these interactions to be two-way and continuous across channels. Companies must deliver more meaningful customer conversations if they want to continue to enjoy positive relationships and customer loyalty.

Of course, companies need to increase efficiency while enhancing the customer experience.  This is best achieved through cloud-based technology that leverages existing customer data across the organization to create effective communications in context.

I recently joined Smart Communications because I believe, as analysts do, that we are in a unique position to deliver on the promise of relevant customer conversations. We are 100% focused on customer communications management, and more importantly, we are fixated on our customers’ success. I am excited about our future, and I look forward to sharing additional insights here, to help you scale the conversation!