By George Wright, CEO of Smart Communications

Today’s consumers insist that companies communicate with them in a way that makes them feel like an individual. This can be a challenge, for sure, but it can also be an incredible opportunity. Companies now have more chances to interact with their customers than ever before—potentially several times a day via multiple channels. It’s crucial to make these interactions count. To deliver this personalized experience, it is critical that you learn as much as you can about their preferences and channels of choice and then turn that data into actionable insights and more meaningful conversations. You must make them not just relevant, but also helpful, anticipated and appreciated.

But the catch is, you have hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of customers with whom you need to communicate. You must be as efficient as possible, while also maintaining accuracy and security. You must scale the conversation! Despite this challenge, many organizations are still taking a fragmented and outdated approach to their customer interactions.

So, what can you do this year to deliver more meaningful customer conversations? Here are a few suggestions:

    • Consider moving your customer communications solution to the cloud. This change ultimately benefits both businesses and their customers. For the business user, it increases efficiency and decreases costs. For customers, cloud implementations allow for more personalized communications to be delivered more quickly. It’s win-win.
    • Communicate with your customers in the way that they choose to be communicated with. Remember that every customer wants to be treated as an individual, and to feel valued. Respect their preferences! If they want PDFs via email – send that. If they prefer plain text via SMS—send that. Even if you have millions of customers, with the right technology, you can personalize at scale.
    • Improve operational efficiency. For example, instead of running new business upload batches every couple of weeks, during which time your risk profile may change, look to implement solutions that give you greater visibility of new business the moment it’s placed, allowing you to understand your exposure in real time.
    • Be forward thinking. With text messaging, chatbots, and voice assistants gaining popularity, companies should look at how to adapt internal processes to incorporate these channels into their customer communications strategies.

    This is just a starting place. We’ve assembled advice from industry analysts and influencers and Smart Communications customers, partners and experts. Click here to download the complete whitepaper with ten tips you can implement this year.