By Duncan Spanner, Sales Director at Smart Communications 

We recently had the privilege of hosting a breakfast briefing focused on the need for insurers to achieve customer-centric, omni channel communications. While not a new concept, legacy systems, siloed operations and outdated technology still pose significant challenges.

During the event, it was not surprising that attendees were most interested in learning more about the following topics:

  • Better understanding customers and how to engage with them
  • Addressing digital transformation and its impact on the commercial side
  • Moving from legacy platforms to more modern cloud-based technology
  • Delivering more meaningful customer conversations

These are the same challenges that we talk to insurers about every day. Their customers are demanding more personalized experiences and they need to be able to deliver. To do so, they must focus on people, product and processes. Everyone in the organization must be laser focused on delivering the best possible customer experience. Different silos within the organization must come together to make this vision a reality.  Technology can enable this! Our Conversation Cloud framework is designed to help enterprises easily integrate Smart Communications’ customer communications management tools with other key pieces of their technology ecosystem. This approach helps companies operate more efficiently while also improving conversations by providing a more complete view of each customer. This leads to the seamless experience customers are telling us they want to have.

With 60% of insurers saying they lack the confidence to execute complete digital transformation1, tools that make this leap into the future easier and less frightening can be the critical factor for success.

  1. Bain & Company, “Global Digital Insurance Benchmarking Report 2015: Pathways to Success in a Digital World