By Leigh Segall, CMO of Smart Communications

September 17, 2019, marked a very special day in Smart Communications history – it was our first INNOVATE event since our acquisition of Intelledox, and we were thrilled to use that stage as an opportunity to officially and publicly welcome them to the SMART family. We were even able to feature some Intelledox customers, who shared their insight into how they are making digital transformation smarter.

The event took place at the award-winning Doltone House, one of Sydney’s most stunning venues with breathtaking waterfront views of the Sydney Harbour – precisely the backdrop we needed to complement a fantastic agenda filled with strategic discussion and best-practice tips and techniques.

For those unable to attend, we’ve captured key takeaways and other exciting highlights below.

Creating Smarter Digital Conversations

We started the day by inviting James Brown, CEO of Smart Communications and Ray Kiley, CEO of Intelledox to share how our recent acquisition of Intelledox will empower companies to deliver the smartest, most interactive communications possible, throughout the entire customer lifecycle. With more channels, touchpoints, interactions, and disruptions right at every customer’s fingertip and 62 percent of customers stating they’re likely to switch vendors if their expectations are not met, now is the time for companies to ensure they are delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Together, the two companies are enabling smarter digital conversations that exceed customer expectations through more adaptive, personalized, and relevant two-way interactions. By digitally transforming business systems and processes, we are also helping companies drive efficiencies and increased ROI via cost and time savings – better experiences for your team and your customers!

Innovate Sydney Welcome

Smart Communications CEO James Brown and Intelledox CEO Ray Kiley

How Can You Make Customers Love You?

Speaking of creating exceptional customer experiences, this year we were thrilled to have Andy Lark, an award-winning marketer, social and technology trailblazer, and one of Australia’s digital transformation pioneers, join as our featured guest speaker. Andy shared keen insight into why companies must prioritize delivering an exceptional customer experience in today’s digital age. His presentation highlighted ways technology has evolved to reshape the customer experience – and our expectations of it.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Andy’s session was the notion that brands that fail to deliver an unprecedented customer experience face extinction. There’s been a clear shift from companies being product and services centric to becoming instead digital and experience-centric. Today, if you’re not providing a fantastic customer experience, customers will move on to a competitor who does. With loads of examples of this happening under company roofs every day, the urgency was clear. Digital Transformation is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ priority but is instead a C-level imperative for continued growth.

Guest speaker and digital transformation pioneer, Andy Lark

For more tips and insights from Andy, visit his website at

Stories from the Trenches

In addition to learning from industry experts like Andy Lark, we routinely hear from our customers to give attendees an opportunity to connect with peers who are facing similar challenges. We were thrilled to facilitate so many of these conversations at this event. Attendees heard firsthand from both Intelledox and Smart Communications customers about the steps they are taking to make digital transformation SMARTer within their companies.  AMP, BNZ, CSIRO, and Curtin University provided attendees with an inside look at their digital transformation efforts and the next steps planned for continued innovation.

Innovate Sydney Customer Panel Discussion

Stories from the Trenches featuring AMP, BNZ, CSIRO, and Curtin University

See You Next Year!

What a wonderful time! And what a fabulous way to kick off the first of many events with the newest members of our SMART family, Intelledox! I’d like to offer a personal thank you to all our presenters, customers, and valued partners who made INNOVATE Sydney 2019 a huge success. We look forward to more exciting opportunities to discuss and demonstrate how together, we’re redefining customer engagement by putting customer experience at the center of every conversation.

In the meantime, if you have questions on how you can take a SMARTer approach toward your digital journey, get in touch with us!