By Simon Tindal, CTO of Smart Communications

Your customers don’t want to be communicated to, they want to communicate with you. They want to have a conversation. These increased customer expectations, combined with an explosion of communication channels, presents a challenge and an opportunity for businesses. Staying ahead of digital transformation requires companies to become more efficient while also delivering more meaningful experiences for customers.

Where the customer is in his or her journey has an impact on how a company manages interactions with them. Once a prospect becomes a customer, the number of potential messages that need to be delivered grows exponentially and the need for customization and personalization becomes critical. It is during this stage of the customer journey that enterprises need to evolve from static, one-way message distribution to dynamic, two-way, multi-channel experiences on-demand. They need to scale the conversation. To accomplish this most efficiently and cost-effectively, more companies are turning to the cloud.

In our latest piece of thought leadership, we explore the importance of having more meaningful customer conversations, the benefits of cloud deployments, and how assembling customized ecosystems comprised of best-in-breed technologies can improve internal efficiency and the overall customer experience. Download the whitepaper here.