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April 2022

Conversations Without Limits: 3 Reasons to Attend INNOVATE 2022

By News Events, Thought Leadership

Leigh Segall, Chief Strategy Officer at Smart Communications

Don’t miss this year’s INNOVATE 2022, hosted in the lovely Nashville, TN. This post goes into the three big reasons you won’t want to miss the INNOVATE 2022 event. From keynote speeches to honky tonks and everything in between, INNOVATE promises to offer something for everyone in attendance.

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The Future of Personalization in Insurance Claims

By Thought Leadership

Ruth Fisk, VP Insurance Marketing at Smart Communications

In partnership with Salesforce and Insurance Innovators, Smart Communications conducted a survey of more than 150 insurance executives and discovered that 95% of these leaders believe the claims experience is where insurers have the greatest opportunity to win loyalty — but also the greatest risk of losing it. This post takes a look at how insurers can use personalization to reimagine the claims process in an effort to build brand trust and drive long-term growth.

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How Low-Code Automation from SmartIQ™ Enhances Customer Experiences

By Thought Leadership

Sally Schulte, Product Marketing Director at Smart Communications

Impersonal and time-consuming paper-based or PDF forms processes have been the standard for quite some time and can negatively impact how customers view the companies that are there to support them. In this post, we will dive into how low-code forms software like SmartIQ™ enables enterprises to exceed customer expectations while also creating more efficient internal processes. We’ll also share how some of the new tools available in SmartIQ empower businesses to work more intelligently, quickly and digitally with their customers.

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