By George Wright, CEO of Smart Communications

Treat your customers as individuals. Deliver messages that are highly personalized and relevant. Consider the recipient’s channel of choice. These are just a few pieces of advice that we gathered from industry thought leaders and our own customers and partners as we developed our latest whitepaper The 10 Things you Must do in 2018 to Have More Meaningful Customer Conversations. Consistently, these advisors, including David Stabel with Keypoint Intelligence and Paul Greenberg, founder and managing principal of the 56 Group, stressed the importance of better understanding each customer, which can be time consuming when dealing with large customer bases. As a result, much of the advice also stressed the need to become more efficient internally, standardizing and automating business processes when possible. While none of this surprised us, as today’s consumers are demanding this level of individual interaction from the companies with which they do business we understand that it’s not an easy task. This whitepaper provides actionable advice for how to have these types of customer relationships at scale, and how to make the best use of technology to become more efficient and more automated. Take a look and begin to scale the conversation.