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Enterprise insurers on Salesforce turn to us when they suspect they could be delivering a better customer communications experience. They already know the value of the cloud, but sometimes they don’t know they can extend the reach of their Salesforce investment by adding SmartCORR™ for Salesforce.

  • Use Salesforce data to create personalized and relevant documents in just a few clicks, without the need to leave the familiar Salesforce environment.
  • Eliminate the need for Microsoft Word when generating personalized communications.
  • Support multi-channel, multi-jurisdiction, multi-brand and multi-language communications within a single template.
  • Dynamically generate interactive communications for CSRs in the Service Cloud and Sales personnel in the Sales Cloud.

Watch the video below for a preview of SmartCORR for Salesforce or request a personal needs assessment to determine the best approach to upgrading your customer communications based on your business.

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The only thing you have to lose is your growing collection of Microsoft Word templates

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