Repapering with SmartDX

The Capital Markets sector has been rocked by the new Daily Variation Margin (VM) Rule that went into effect on March 1st, 2017.  Hundreds of firms across the globe are scrambling to attain compliance and “repaper” their OTC agreements with existing or new counterparties, and also reviewing their BAU process after they are compliant.

SmartDX can help right now, enabling your business not only to repaper existing agreements but also to create new CSAs when we are past the massive repapering exercise and it’s business as usual.  It really is time to move away from Word.

SmartDX generates new credit support annex (CSA) agreements, lets you to collaboratively negotiate with counterparties, and then stores executed agreements with the machine readable data in industry utilities like IHS Market CounterParty Manager – all cloud-enabled and digital from start to finish. Our integration with CloudMargin handles the on-going operational processes associated with collateral, from daily mark-to-market calculations through to the instruction of collateral movements for each transaction, automating and optimizing the collateral management process.

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Want to know more about issues related to and how to approach repapering? Check out the videos below featuring Robin Moody of SmartDX and Brett Aubin of Gordon Dadds from a webinar sponsored by the OTC Space.

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Part 1 – Poll

Robin Moody of SmartDX and Brett Aubin of Gordon Dadds review the poll results on what aspects of the legal process cause the most concern when it comes to repapering.

Part 2 – Security

While the security of documentation has become an issue for the current repapering period, Robin and Brett discuss how security should be seen for all documents types and for business-as-usual.

Part 3 – Controls

The key to document control is the document format.  Robin and Brett discuss the possibilities when legal teams step away from the use of word processing to turn template-based systems that provide collaboration for counterparties.

Part 4 – Communication

Brett and Robin talk about how technology solutions should enable market participants to optimize and keep records of their communications among all counterparties.

Part 5 – Supervision

Document supervision relates to the controls that firms have in place to manage their document processes.  Robin and Brett discuss how technology solutions can reinforce best practice for the supervision of documentation processes.

Part 6 – Poll 2

The Daily Variation Margin (VM) rules that have gone into effect are testing the preparedness of all market participants.  Hear about how well firms think they’re prepared for the new rules.

Part 7 – Scalability

Robin and Brett discuss how technology solutions can be applied to scale various aspects of the documentation process such as negotiation and data mining.

Part 8 – Cost Benefits

Robin explains how SmartDX provides a benefit sell-side and buy-side firms that use a centralized service to collaboratively manage documentation processes.