Repapering Projects: Are you where you should be?

Over the next five years, there will be a considerable number of repapering projects that will need your attention and focus. Top of mind right now are margin requirements.  The pressure will soon be on to comply. Even with granted extensions, firms need to be focused on making the required documentation changes in what is the biggest transformation of derivatives markets in decades. The new margin rules impact nearly every aspect of the non-cleared derivatives space. Progress is being made, but there is still a long road ahead.

If you are not already working toward these changes, you should be. Documentation processes must be laid out in advance and developing and maintaining a negotiation playbook is critical. What is your plan? Are you going to manage the process via multiple Word documents, or is now the time to meet with one of our subject matter experts to discuss putting in place a more modern online negotiation tool, with prebuilt base template that you can configure to meet your organization’s outreach requirements?

SmartDX’s team can demonstrate how technology can help you accelerate execution of your repapering plans while also increasing transparency, enabling you to demonstrate control and meet your obligations in this increasingly regulated trading environment. Let’s discuss!