Partner Spotlight

Sapient Consulting combines digital expertise with a deep understanding of how industries operate to enable meaningful transformation and business process modernization. A Smart Communications™ partner since 2010, Sapient Consulting has expertise in deploying and integrating our solution. What’s more, SmartCOMM™ is now integrated into Sapient Client Connect, an outcome-focused proposition for financial institutions designed to reduce operational costs associated with marketing operations and client servicing, and to leverage leading technology platforms as a foundation for their strategic transformation. By integrating SmartCOMM in Client Connect, banks, wealth and investment managers, and insurance firms can streamline and improve the personalization of their communications across the customer engagement lifecycle from marketing operations, through onboarding and client servicing. This latest evolution will help clients have stronger engagement with their clients and customers, resulting in lower costs, increased loyalty and growth. Together, Sapient Consulting and Smart Communications are supporting a growing number of financial enterprises as they manage both the compliance risks and the engagement benefits of scaling conversations with their customers.