Interactive Documents Boosts Impact of Customer Engagement

Smart Communications today announced Smart Communications NOW Interactive Documents, enabling personalized interactive communications and improved customer experiences, and providing new opportunities for innovation in business processes and customer interaction.

“Two-way interaction through a variety of digital channels is an important part of building customer engagement. Smart Communications believes that this begins with making the customer experience as simple and convenient as possible, especially in industry sectors which depend on relationships but routinely need to collect or update information, as in insurance or credit cards. Smart Communications NOW Interactive Documents is a step towards enabling organizations to offer this as part of their normal service,” said Neal Keene Vice President Global Product Marketing, Smart Communications NOW.

Smart Communications Interactive Documents opens up opportunities to develop more efficient, effective and quicker ways of interacting with customers, significantly improving the user experience.

It gives customers an easier way of doing business, and allows the organization to differentiate their quality of service and gain competitive advantage.

NOW Interactive Documents extends the functionality of the NOW platform, adding digital interactivity to Adobe PDF and HTML documents so that customers can receive highly personalized interactive communications in their preferred channel. The use of Interactive Documents improves the ease and accuracy of customer data collection and provides additional opportunities for self-service. Importantly, NOW Interactive Documents supports web accessibility standards, enabling organizations to provide a greatly improved experience for visually impaired customers.


The NOW platform integrates communications with customer-facing business processes and enables organizations to dramatically improve customer service and end-user experience through the delivery of personalized, multi-channel business communications. NOW provides a complete web-based enterprise solution for managing high-volume batch and real-time interactive communications and documents, ensuring context and consistency, two critical components for successful customer engagement.

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