Innovate US 2019 Event Presentations

Customer Conversations Made SMARTer

May 14

Digital Transformation Made SMARTer
Smart Communications CEO James Brown welcomes attendees to INNOVATE 2019 and sets the stage for an exciting two days of learning how to make digital transformation SMARTer!

The Future is Simple
Raja Singh, Vlocity’s SVP Products and General Manager of Insurance
, will share how insurance carriers can drive towards simplicity by building the right teams, evolving to straight-through processing, and mandating a microservices-oriented architecture.

Customer-Centric Digital Transformation
In this session, Hilliary Burns, Strategic Communications Manager with Humana, will discuss their digital transformation journey, and the benefits a more modern approach has delivered both internally and to their customer base.

The Road to SMARTer Conversations
In this session Simon Tindal, CTO of Smart Communications will share upcoming plans for innovative product enhancements designed to deliver more meaningful, multi-channel, interactive customer conversations.

Empowerment Tracks

May 15

Master Your Digital Transformation
Businesses in every industry are launching initiatives to digitally transform. While it won’t be easy, it is possible and is essential to thrive in today’s evolving landscape. Just because your firm wasn’t born digital doesn’t mean your firm can’t evolve to build the next generation of digital experiences. But, doing so demands many changes, strong senior leadership, and will be a multiyear journey. So how should you proceed? There are tactics you can execute to help ensure that your transformation will be a successful one. In this session, Ellen Carney, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will cover:
• Extending your existing capabilities through digital
• Identifying opportunities to unlock new value
• Establishing the digital culture you need for success
• Identifying and overcoming the biggest barriers

Empowerment Tracks

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