Innovate US 2018 Event Presentations

Customer Conversations Made SMARTer

Customer Conversations Made SMARTer

May 16

Customer Conversations Made SMARTer
CEO George Wright
welcomed attendees to INNOVATE 2018 and set the stage for an exciting two days of learning how to make customer conversations SMARTer!

Valuing Technology and Personalized Interactions
Brad McGeown, SVP at PNC Financial
, shared insight on how his company is putting technology front and center in order to deliver more personalized interactions.

Enabling Smarter Conversations in a Rapidly Evolving Market
Richard Hart, Chief Strategy Officer for Guidewire
, offered a strategic point of view on what insurers are thinking about when it comes to enabling smarter conversations with their customers over the next 5-10 years, and the key initiatives that leaders in complex, regulated industries must focus on to stay competitive in this rapidly evolving marketplace.

The Road to SMARTer Conversations
In this session Simon Tindal, CTO of Smart Communications and Geoffrey Niven, VP of Product Management for Smart Communications, shared upcoming plans for innovative product enhancements designed to deliver more meaningful, multi-channel, interactive customer conversations.

Empowerment Tracks

  • Migrating to the Cloud
    This session featured practical, real-world advice for customers wondering how, when and why to transition to the cloud. Mike Brown, Systems Development Manager with Indiana Farm Bureau, shared the story of its successful migration from NOW to cloud-based SmartCOMMTM.
  • SmartCORR for Salesforce Engaging Customers Can’t Get Any Easier
    SmartCORRTM customer Phil Rowlinson, VP Global Head of Sales Operations with Merrill Corporation offered insight into how customer communications have been transformed by seamlessly working within and leveraging data from the Salesforce environment.
  • The Conversation Cloud: Custom Ecosystems and View of the Customer
    SmartCORRTM By assembling customized ecosystems comprised of best-in-breed technologies that address a company’s unique requirements, a tremendous amount of customer data can be collected and applied toward the creation of better conversations. In this session, Bob Dunfee, VP of Product Marketing for Smart Communications and Amanda McMurray, Database Marketing Specialist with Globus, demonstrated how companies can extend their knowledge beyond basic demographics and gather much more valuable data about individual’s interests, habits, communications preferences and channels of choice.

May 17

Exceeding Expectations of Digital Customers with Modern Conversations
Terry Frazier, Research Director for Content Technologies and Document Workflow at IDC, talked about the importance of having conversations (talking with, not at customers), the role CCM solutions play in creating customer loyalty, how analytics can drive intelligent interactions and the future for CCM as a customer communications hub in the enterprise.

Building Smarter Customer Service Outcomes through SmartCORRTM 
This session, featuring Marc Francis, Principal Sales Enablement Manager at BT, highlighted the benefits of working seamlessly within the Salesforce environment to transform the customer service experience.

Empowerment Tracks

  • Product Deep Dive
    This session focused on the most recent enhancement to the Smart Communications product portfolio—with particular attention on Smart Components.
  • CCM and Marketing Tech: Working Together for the Customer
    In a Celent survey, half of respondents said that in the next two years, it will be important for CCM technology to offer the ability for additional business units within their organization to easily consume CCM services, and 62% expressed a need to connect with marketing campaign systems. Bringing groups together around a more informed view of the customer enables companies to close the loop and deliver incredibly consistent and personally relevant customer communications. In this session, Jason Polson, SVP Group Director with Digitas highlighted how companies and customers can benefit when CCM and marketing technologies work hand-in-hand.
  • Digital Transformation and Customer Personalization
    Actionable advice for putting into practice all the great tips you learned at Innovate.


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