Innovate UK 2019 Event Presentations

Customer Conversations Made SMARTer

October 16

Digital Transformation Made SMARTer
Smart Communications Chief Customer Officer Neil Greathead welcomed attendees to INNOVATE 2019 and set the stage for an exciting day of learning how to make digital transformation SMARTer!

Empowerment Tracks

  • Empowerment Track 1: Upgrading Legacy for the Next Generation
    In this session Hitesh Bhindi, Smart Communications Vice President of Professional Services helped you learn more about the benefits of moving beyond legacy systems in order to unlock the full potential of cloud-based technology and more modern customer communications platforms.
  • Empowerment Track 2: Recent Enhancements to Scale the Conversation
    Communications play a pivotal role in defining the customer experience. With leading consumer brands such as Google and Amazon setting the bar incredibly high, communications must be highly personalised and consistent—with both preferred channels and recent interactions reflected. This session, led by Geoffrey Niven, Vice President of Product Management and Chris Murphy, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Smart Communications, explored how this is possible via our Conversation Cloud framework and recent enhancements to the Smart Communications platform.

The Future is Simple
Raja Singh, Vlocity’s SVP Products and General Manager of Insurance
, shared how insurance carriers can drive towards simplicity by building the right teams, evolving to straight-through processing, and mandating a microservices-oriented architecture.

Catering to the Digitally-Enabled Customer
A key focus for AXA is ensuring an exceptional customer experience that considers details such as location and channel preference. In this session, David St. Clair, Head of UK Operations—Travel, shared how the company has invested in cultural shifts and digital transformation efforts, specifically enhancing their claims experience, in order to meet the needs of today’s customer throughout the entire journey.

The Road to SMARTer Conversations
In this session Simon Tindal, CTO of Smart Communications shared upcoming plans for innovative product enhancements designed to deliver more meaningful, multi-channel, interactive customer conversations.

Empowerment Tracks

  • Empowerment Track 1: Transforming Forms Interactions with Intelledox and Smart Communications
    With Intelledox now part of the Smart Communications family, it’s even easier for your business to deliver meaningful next-generation conversations throughout the entire customer lifecycle—from acquisition to servicing, and every interaction in between. In this session attendees learned how you can transform your static forms into digital, highly personalised and guided interactions that trigger a SmartCOMM process, so you can speed up and elevate your customer communications. We also showcased how organisations like Chubb, Vanguard and Raymond James are using the Intelledox platform to remove friction and improve the customer experience in new account opening, onboarding, claims and other customer service processes.
  • Empowerment Track 2: Improving Sales Efficiency with Modern Document Generation within Salesforce
    In this session, Sienna Quirk, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Smart Communications, explored how a document generation solution built to scale with changing business needs, technology advancements and growing customer expectations can increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve your bottom line.

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