Innovate UK 2018 Event Presentations

Customer Conversations Made SMARTer

11 October

Customer Conversations Made SMARTer
CEO James Brown
welcomed attendees to INNOVATE 2018 and sets the stage for an exciting day of learning how to make customer conversations SMARTer!

Constantly Connected: The Hidden Forces Driving Our Digital Behavior
Digital Anthropologist, Strategist, and The New York Times Best-Selling Author, Rahaf Harfoush
explored how today’s consumers’ are predisposed to information overload and how technology is changing our relationship with the world. She also posed five key questions businesses can ask when trying to make sense of consumers new constantly connected lives in order to respond most effectively.

The Conversation Cloud: Custom Ecosystems and View of the Customer
By assembling customised ecosystems comprised of best-in-breed technologies that address a company’s unique requirements, a tremendous amount of customer data can be collected and applied toward the creation of better conversations. In this session, Chris Murphy, Snr. Director of Product Marketing for Smart Communications, demonstrated how companies can extend their knowledge beyond basic demographics and gather much more valuable data about individual interests, habits, communications preferences and channels of choice.

Building Smarter Customer Service Outcomes through SmartCOMMTM for Salesforce
Marc Francis, Principal Sales Enablement Manager at BT
,  highlighted the benefits of working seamlessly within the Salesforce environment to transform the customer service experience.

Migrating to the Cloud
In this session, Dave Hotchner, VP of Professional Services at Smart Communications and Andy Copeland, Digital Transformation Lead with Capgemini provided practical, real-world advice for customers interested in transitioning from NOW to SmartCOMMTM or from a legacy solution to Smart Communications.

Product Deep Dive: Spotlight on Recent Enhancements
In this session, Marc Goldstein and Jayson Nathan, Solutions Architects with Smart Communications focused on the most recent enhancement to the Smart Communications product portfolio—with particular focus on Smart Components.

The Road to SMARTer Conversations
In this session, Simon Tindal, CTO of Smart Communications and Geoffrey Niven, VP of Product Management for Smart Communications shared upcoming plans for innovative product enhancements designed to deliver more meaningful, multi-channel, interactive customer conversations.

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