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Beloved travel publication gets smart, saves big

Picture this … you’re a major global travel brand that offers guided tour packages.

Travelers know and love you for your in-depth guides customized to each trip.

But as business grows, creating these publications becomes increasingly costly and labor intensive.

You’re printing 270,000 booklets, managing more than 11,000 files, and wasting an average of 850,000 pages per year.

So, you turn to Smart Communications.

We migrate your system to our technology ahead of schedule. With a new workflow in place, you reduce errors and redundancies, increase quality and consistency, and raise customer satisfaction by offering digital booklets for the first time.

Now your printing costs per passenger are 32% lower, and your paper costs drop by 25% in the first nine months alone.

Revisions that used to require two weeks are now instant – meaning you can get your beloved book into customers’ hands faster. That’s what it means to scale the conversation.

Shrink the workload.

Scale the conversation.

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