We help the world’s largest enterprises simplify customer and business communications — while making those communications do even more.

We call it scaling the conversation, and no one explains it better than our own experts.

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With Smart Communications, you get the only company who’s 100% focused on enterprise CCM. This means you can count on your solution to be here tomorrow, and to continue improving and innovating day after day, year after year — because we are spending all of our time, energy, and investment on CCM.

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No one does more to simplify template management and put control back in the hands of the business user. Say goodbye to coding and hello to simple drag-and-drop design. With easy to use interfaces for real-time previews, approvals, and editing, you can stop playing the waiting game and free up IT.

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True Cloud

We give you true cloud capabilities and everything that comes with them. This means you significantly reduce costs, respond faster, and scale operations effectively – without sacrificing security or compliance.

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PNC Financial Services, John Hancock and Blue Shield of California Honored for Excellence in Customer Conversations

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Why Smart Communications? One customer has $16.7M reasons!

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Smart Communications Receives Celent’s XCelent Technology Award
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20 Most Promising Insurance Technologies in 2017
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What’s the difference between fake cloud and real cloud?

A million dollars a year – according to one of our customers.
Download Celent Research Report: CCM in the Cloud - Perspective in Financial Services

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Our flagship product, hundreds of companies choose SmartCOMM™ to create, manage and deliver personalized customer conversations that align with the customer journey.

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Trade Simplified.

All of the G15 investment banks and some of the world’s largest energy and commodity companies trust SmartDX to help them simplify trade and relationship documentation for all market participants, across all asset classes and product types.

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Seamless Control.

An altogether better way to engage customers and increase business productivity. SmartCorr for Salesforce allows you to work seamlessly within and leverage data from the Salesforce environment.

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We’re the only independent company exclusively committed to enterprise CCM.

Hear from Smart Communications customers to see how to protect that most precious possession – your time…


Brands That Scale

Make global changes across thousands of communications with just one action.

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Find out why more than 300 global brands, including all of the G15 investment banks, rely on Smart Communications.

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Make global changes across thousands of communications with just one action.

“No problem, I’ll just code the changes myself,” said no business user ever.

Scale the conversation.

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