CX Excellence for At-Risk Clients or the Financially Vulnerable: Better Experiences for All

About the Infographic

The COVID-19 crisis and its economic and emotional consequences have put a spotlight on customer vulnerability for financial services firms worldwide. MoneyLIVE and Insurance Innovators came together with Smart Communications and Pegasystems to explore the contribution technology can make in helping firms to improve their support for clients undergoing financial hardship.

More than 150 FSI experts in the following fields were surveyed:
• customer experience
• technology
• strategy
• risk and compliance

The infographic visually highlights findings and insights that point to a future in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital technologies will provide key supports to both the financial institution in protecting clients undergoing hardship – the at-risk client or the financially vulnerable - and to the client themselves.

About the Article

This article is a recap of the survey findings with an expanded viewpoint on the insights presented in the infographic.

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