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Delivering excellence for vulnerable customers in banking and insurance

Delivering Excellence for Vulnerable Customers in Banking and Insurance

By Partner Insights, Thought Leadership

Marc Andrews, Vice President, Financial Services and Insurance Industry Market Leader at Pegasystems
Business as usual is not going to work for vulnerable customers as we continue to deal with the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic not only affects the health of individuals, but also their financial wellbeing. Here are key steps financial institutions and insurers can take now to help vulnerable individuals remain solvent.

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Human Element in Digital Transformation by Vlocity

The Human Element in Digital Transformation and More Insights from Our Virtual Roundtable

By Partner Insights, Thought Leadership

Phil Ostberg, Product Manager at Vlocity
Developing an omnichannel claims strategy, where policyholders can engage with you in their channel of choice and seamlessly switch between channels, is an important component of digital transformation in the claims space. Vlocity’s Product Manager, Phil Ostberg, covers the benefits of a modernized claims experience and more insight from our joint virtual roundtable.

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