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About the eBook

Build or Buy? 4 Factors to Consider to Make the SMARTEST Choice for Your Digital Customer Interactions

Market forces are putting IT leaders under pressure to automate content and document-based processes across the enterprise, from customer acquisition to onboarding and service.

How do you decide the best approach to meet these needs and support your corporate culture, your team and most importantly your internal and external customers?

For enterprises that have a large IT team, the temptation may be to build digital and/ or mobile user experiences using your own skills and resources. However, when considering whether to buy software or build custom applications (including SaaS and cloud-based solutions), you need to balance more factors today than ever before. To help you clarify your IT strategy – and get to digital even faster, this paper explores:

● Hidden challenges you might not have considered
● How to think about costs and your budget
● Why low code/no code platforms are growing in popularity among IT organizations

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