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These Women Are Driving Innovation at Smart Communications

By Smart Communications News

Jo Sweet, Global HR Director at Smart Communications 

At Smart Communications, we believe that building and nurturing a rewarding employee experience positively impacts our business and, most importantly, our customers’ experiences. We especially strive to create an inclusive workplace, so on International Women’s Day 2022, we are spotlighting some of the women in our business who drive innovation day in and day out.

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Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Experiences: Who is at the Center of Your Universe?

By Thought Leadership

Chris Murphy, VP Product Marketing at Smart Communications

Because every customer interaction is an opportunity to shape their overall experience, there is more pressure on enterprises than ever to orchestrate interactive, two-way conversations. This post explores omnichannel vs. multichannel experiences and details why omnichannel conversations deliver more engaging, personalized customer interactions.

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What Is ESG and Why It May Be the Next Big Thing in Financial Client Reporting

By Thought Leadership

Karen Oakland, VP Financial Services Marketing at Smart Communications

With such a massive amount of assets at stake, leading wealth management and private banking firms are racing to not only offer more ESG investment options, but also to improve how ESG data is included in client reporting and other customer communications. In this post, we’ll explore what ESG is, why it’s growing in popularity and how to adapt reporting to give clients the ESG information they crave.

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