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Smart Communications helps the world’s largest enterprises simplify their customer and business communications – while making those communications do even more.

In 2004, we pioneered the new generation of CCM solutions, and today we’re still leading this industry as the only cloud/hybrid-cloud solution in the Gartner Leaders’ quadrant. Smart Communications customers rely on our team for the undivided attention of the only independent company 100% focused on enterprise CCM. No one does more to make multi-channel customer communications more meaningful, while also helping to simplify processes and increase efficiency. That’s why more than 350 global brands – many in the world’s most highly regulated industries – rely on us to scale the conversation.

It all started
back in 2001.

Years before the iPhone was invented, a few CCM veterans were thinking about the omnichannel future, and they had a big idea: Why not give business users the ability to create communications for any channel, without being so dependent on IT? They brought in a handful of top developers and began building an alternative to the print-based systems that had dominated the industry. In 2004, the Smart Communications platform was born.

From the
very first line of code…

…our team designed the technology to allow non-tech users to produce an email, website, PDF, printed page, or SMS message from the same source. Pretty soon, some of the world’s leading risk management and financial service providers were looking to us to help them simplify their customer and business communications while staying ahead of ever-increasing regulatory burdens.

Along the way, we spun off from our parent company and became the only independent company completely dedicated to the CCM space.

With the backing of Accel-KKR, one of the world’s premier tech-focused private equity firms, we continue to push the industry forward as the only cloud/hybrid-cloud solution in the Gartner Leaders’ quadrant. How? By doing what we’ve always done best: thinking big and thinking ahead. Today, we help the world’s largest enterprises – in all kinds of industries – scale the conversation.

When there’s too much to say,
and every message matters.

Scale the conversation.

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