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April 2020

Preparing for the #NovelEconomy: Life Beyond COVID-19

By | News, Thought Leadership

Leigh Segall, CMO of Smart Communications
As companies begin to navigate toward a new normal and post-pandemic life, they’re also adjusting to what many are referring to as the #NovelEconomy, which consists of three phases according to Brian Solis, current Global Evangelist at Salesforce and an industry-leading influencer specializing in disruptive technology trends. In this post, and given the current phase we’re in, we’ll home in on the survival phase of the #NovelEconomy.

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Achieving Digital Agility in the Age of COVID-19

By | News, Thought Leadership

Neal Keene, Field CTO of Smart Communications
It’s more important now than ever before for businesses to be equipped with the tools and capabilities needed to be more digital-focused, agile, and customer-centric. In fact, digital agility will be a key factor in determining who continues to struggle and who perseveres and emerges stronger once the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. In this blog, we address a few of the challenges businesses are facing in the age of COVID-19 and ways to improve digital agility in order to overcome this unexpected disruptor and have more meaningful, SMARTER conversations.

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Digital Conversations Made SMARTER During COVID-19

Communications in the Time of COVID-19: Delivering SMARTER Digital Conversations Just Became More Critical

By | News, Thought Leadership

James Brown, CEO of Smart Communications
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted nearly every aspect of daily life for everyone around the world. As a result, many enterprises are now faced with a need to accelerate their digital transformation plans in order to deliver the high touch, yet digital, interactions customers need and expect. Discover why delivering SMARTER digital conversations just became more critical and ways you can proactively meet customer expectations during this unprecedented time.

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