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December 2017

For More Personalized and Impactful Customer Communications, the Forecast Calls for Clouds

By | Thought Leadership

By Simon Tindal, CTO of Smart Communications

The customer isn’t just always right, the customer is in control! Today, customers expect an incredibly high level of service, and they also have the power to publicly share their opinions about that service with the tap of a finger. This can be a challenge, for sure, but it can also be an incredible opportunity.

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What are the 10 Things You Must do in 2018 to Have More Meaningful Customer Conversations?

By | Thought Leadership

By George Wright, CEO of Smart Communications

Treat your customers as individuals. Deliver messages that are highly personalized and relevant. Consider the recipient’s channel of choice. These are just a few pieces of advice that we gathered from industry thought leaders and our own customers and partners as we developed our latest whitepaper The 10 Things you Must do in 2018 to Have More Meaningful Customer Conversations.

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